Blickling Hall

Blickling, Norfolk


Blickling Hall is a grand stately  home which presides over the beautiful Blickling estate in Norfolk. It was voted the most haunted house in Britain in a National Trust Survey, which is unsurprising considering it was built in 1616!

In 2012 Crescent was set the task of updating the lighting in the Upper Ante Room, which was limited to a couple of small table lamps, with a view to lighting the previously poorly lit wall tapestries.

We initially looked at using track or surface mounted spotlights, as we had done previously at both Houghton Hall and Oxburgh Hall. However, mounting positions were very limited due to mounting limitations imposed by the ornate ceiling. Also, owing to the entrance and exit doors on either side of the room glare was also a potential problem.

How we met the brief... 

We came up with the idea of using an  Elliptipar fitting from ‘The Lighting Quotient’ because of the performance of their asymmetric light fittings to light uniformly across a plane with a close off set. We could therefore project the light back onto the wall (eliminating the possibility of glare) and overcome the mounting issues by using a cantilever arm mounting for each fitting.
Heat from the light source, UV limitations, energy consumption and maintenance also had to be considered, hence the reason for selecting one of the dimmable Elliptipar Fraqtir LED fittings with a specially adapted cantilever arm.
The Fraqtir LED fittings work well with an even light distribution, illuminating the previously unlit tapestries effectively. The potential problem of glare was also avoided. Blickling Hall are also very pleased with the outcome of the project.

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