Trelissick house

Cornwall, UK

The National Trust owned Trelissick Gardens in Cornwall sits on its own peninsula in an unspoiled stretch of the river Fal. Pictureque planting is heightened by the folding contours and the informal woodland setting. There is a mini lighting festival in December every year as part of their seasonal activities, where parts of the gardens remain open after dark and are lit to show off the specimen tress and shrubs.
In 2012 the lit area was extended again and the iconic Water Tower now boasts a colour change scheme with LED flood lights from Crescent.
Working closely with the garden team at Trelissick, Crescent's LED floodlights CLF7501 and CLF7502 were chosen, with the larger CLF7501 unit mounted close to the Tower base and fitted with wide beam lenses. The CLF7502s were fitted with narrow lenses and mounted in elevated positions to pick out the roof and upper windows.
The Water Tower has been converted into a holiday home and is let for much of the year - apart of course from this festive season when it is open to visitors who can climb inside and wonder at the strange acoustic quality.
The main house was opened to the public in 2013 and as part of the annual lighting event the front was lit with columns picked out in white and the main body grazed with colour.

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