Big Increase in LED Projector Output

Posted on: 04/08/2014

 NEW – CRE070

A new fibre optic projector has been announced  with an even higher performance. Known as the CRE070, this new fibre optic projector looks identical to the original CRE040, but uses the latest LED technology driven at 2A to give a much higher output. Producing a nominal 4320lm (from a 1 metre long 400 fibre randomised fibre loom when using the 4000K neutral white LED) this projectors output is significantly higher than that of our 100W CRE096 and CRE0100 Tungsten Halogen projectors. So now this new 70W product can be considered for projects where HQI projectors would have previously been an automatic choice.
Check out the CRE070 here!

Higher output for the CRE040 too

The latest specification CRE040 has a new Bridgelux LED array at it’s heart, which when driven at the standard 1A now delivers more than 12% more light than the original version, with a lower 36W power consumption.
This increase in both output and efficacy is partly due to the improvement in the Bridgelux array itself and also to the LEDs smaller physical size which allows more of the available light to enter the fibre bundle at the focus.
A total of 2640 lumens are now delivered (when tested as the CRE070 above) clearly beating the output for  the original 100W Tungsten Halogen lamped projectors even at 3000K.


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