GoKarting with the Paul Nulty team

Posted on: 12/06/2015

On a sunny Thursday evening the Crescent boys (Nick, Alex and Dan), went head to head down in Bermondsey with the Paul Nulty team. Despite having a slight onslaught of nerves pre race, Evina Diamantara blasted round the track in the practise round to place 2nd with Matthew Wright claiming 1st place.

However after a total of three eight minute races Grand Prix style and an impressive crash from Rebecca Hodge, it was Dan Blaker who emerged as the winner. With less than seconds in it, Matthew placed 2nd leaving the Crescent boys battling for 3rd place.

Congratulations go to Paul Nulty for dominating the podium.






  1. Daniel Blaker
  2. Matthew Wright
  3. Alex Morrison
  4. Nick Churchill
  5. Daniel Cheung
  6. Ida Evensen
  7. Philip Copland
  8. Evina Diamantara
  9. Rebecca Hodge
  10. Shweta Mehta










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