Introducing the CLVO II

Posted on: 04/04/2016

Shining the light on Crescent Lighting’s new product launch!

Introducing the CLVO II …


CLVOII 1000x1000 LED RGB


Crescent Lighting is excited to announce the launch of the CLVO II! Building on the success of our first product family series, this unique linear profile has been designed to offer a stunning architectural appeal, whilst retaining its robust anodised aluminium finish.

Projects where the CLVO II provides the ideal solution could be illuminating architectural frontages and facades as well as lighting underwater features like fountains and swimming pools.  The impression this light creates will inspire buildings into becoming landmarks!

Giving you choice …

The CLVO II can be provided in varying colour ways:

Green and Blue (RGB) Red

Green, Blue and Amber (RGBA) and

Red, Green, Blue White (RGBW)
The dimming on this product allows flexibility on light levels.

CLVO II also allows you to change the mood depending on daylight versus night as well as accommodating individual tastes.  This adaptability makes it a designer’s ideal solution.

Here comes the technical part …

  • Gland kit sealing the product to IP68
  • An IP20 version is also available
  • Standard lengths are 500, 1000 and 1500mm although, bespoke lengths can be manufactured for those challenging features
  • Thermal feedback helps protect the Osram LED’s which are positioned beneath a multitude Ledil lens options
  • Dimming is provided via DMX, DALI, Triac, 1-10V as well as fixed output. This versatile linear system can also be run at 350 – 700 Ma
  • Further options include RGBW, RGB, RGBA and white (Cri 90) in 2700K – 5000K


Find out how the CLVO II can light up your next project!

Find out more by calling the Sales team on 01635 878888

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