Light + Building, Frankfurt 2016

Posted on: 01/04/2016


Last week the team at Crescent Lighting visited Messe, Frankfurt for the first time and the 32km I covered on foot, climbing the equivalent of 39 floors over just two days is only a small indication of its scale.


Our Sales Director and Engineering Manager, a seasoned L+B veteran, took charge of our approach with ruthless enthusiasm and dogged efficiency. With so many impressive stands and beautiful presentations of light, it would have been all too easy to become distracted and lose one’s way. It was important that we remained focused on our objective; to gauge the future of architectural lighting and engage with as many colleagues as we could from clients and component manufacturers to the swathes of respected competition.


It never fails to amaze us in any market just how much competition actually exists, just how many players there are trying to find an elusive edge on one another. In excess of 2,500 exhibitors and 200,000 visitors at L+B soon bring that to startling reality. We were therefore expecting to be amazed by a ‘utopian’ product or ‘bowled over’ by an inspirational range. But the truth is, walking the halls of this expo we couldn’t help but wonder how, as a designer or client, we could possibly choose one product over many as many others on the face of it appear to be much the same. Sure, there were many very impressive stands and the enthusiasm that such light displays bestow upon us are why we’re enticed into the industry in the first place, but product wise, nothing seemed to jump out


It seems to me that the biggest change in the world of lighting is not focused on lighting at all, but instead an evolution towards the world of big data, networked building solutions with greater integration of products and services, where lighting becomes the interface to a digital world. A paradigm shift from the commodity lamps of yesteryear and a certain development from a retrofit o LED alternative.


At Crescent we are proud of our association with only the finest component and controls manufacturers. Integrated control strategies being showcased by partners such as Bridgelux on their retail mock-up made very clear the benefits that exist for smart lighting to create context sensitive, responsive lighting, even in our architectural world. We were impressed at the lengths that Xicato went to deliver the story of their Light Avenger, Xicato Man, as he seeks to overcome the Light Destroyers by employing his portfolio of technology against the evils of poor quality lighting. All further supported and reinforced by intelligent drive solutions demonstrated from manufacturers such as EldoLED.


In all, we were pleased to see that there is no one lighting product taking the world by storm, nor one competitor to which we look with awe, envy and aspiration. So what of the future of architectural lighting? Well, for us at least, aside from ‘Smart’ developments, the fair reinforced that actually, and thankfully, it’s still the basic things that really matter; quality, service and experience.  Those are still the marks by which we can set ourselves aside.


At Crescent we partner only with the best manufacturers. We are integral to the design community. We are a young but experienced and dynamic team that are fortunate enough to work at the cutting edge of project lighting design, in fact much of what we do is bespoke, delivering product from concept to reality on most every project.   We have recently launched the CLVO II with its linear profile and aluminum finish.

In a sense we are developing our range every day, without giving it a second thought. We have been pioneers in our field since the first inception of fibre-optics nearly thirty years ago and we continue to lead today with products such as RePhoLed and Tunable White. We recognise the need to change with the times and the relationships we have with our partners and our clients encourages us to do so on a daily basis. Ultimately, we are engineers with a passion for lighting and we satisfaction is derived from working with others to design, create and inspire truly exceptional lighting projects.

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