Dorset’s 6km Hill Challenge!

Posted on: 26/05/2016


Crescent’s Sales Director, Mark Freeman recently took part in a 6km hill challenge.  The race was up one of the biggest hills in Dorset which involved a steep up for the first mile, then across the plateau, traversing the side to the base and then back up the steepest (vertical) side before a final up and down to the finish.

Hambledon Hill is an Iron Age Hill Fort that is now part of the National Trust portfolio. It’s 192m and you can see across three counties from the top.

It was brutal, but he did it in 46 minutes! Well done Mark!

Mark has also entered the Bournemouth Marathon, another hilly route, on 2nd October.  His goal is to finish before the cut-off time of 6:30hrs.



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