Fibre optic cable is a wonderful material to work with to create unique lighting objects. Whether you want a small feature area or have a 25 metre atrium to fill, we can help you realise your design concept.

We work with designers at all stages of the process, and can provide a full installation and commissioning service - or you may just want to source the material from us and do the rest yourself, we don’t mind.

Contact us at an early stage if you want something special created, even if you are not sure where to start - we are here to help.

Hanging raw fibre strands are a good way to start. They could be glass or polymer, you could add crystals, beads, turned metal shapes, the choice is yours.

Decorative effects need not be restricted to indoor use, with BPAK side emitting fibre scuptures and other three dimensional effects can be constructed and placed outside as in the Dianna Edmunds scupture on the right .

As usual with decorative effects, this works extremely well with colour change. Suitable for use with any standard projector.

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