Albermarle Street, London

Garrad's new store on Albemarle Street is built on to the site they originally occupied in 1911.Young designer Tom Bartlett was charged with creating a contemporary feel to the ornate Edwardian building. The ground floor is a bright area with a marble floor and a sterling silver wall, bearing the embossed Garrad three Royal Warrants. This area contains numerous stainless steel & satinwood display cabinets, whose tops glide open with a smooth hydraulic action to give access to the jewellery within.
To light the area, lighting designers Isometrix chose the Lightbar fibre optic display system powered by 100w CRE096 tungsten halogen light projectors, which were concealed within the cabinet bases. The Lightbar's were mounted within the cabinets and add the alluring sparkle that makes jewellery on display look striking. A combination of straight and curved sections integrated within the cabinet shapes are as unobtrusive as possible. Around 80 metres of various types of Lightbar are installed throughout the building in display cabinets & behind wall mounted glass panels, the natural finish matching the stainless steel edgings.

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