The London Oasis

Clerkenwell Green, London

Designed by architect Laurie Chetwood, alongside a design team which including WSP and Arup, the Oasis is a demonstration of sustainability and renewable energy working with architecture to provide a tranquil oasis in heave and bustle of London.

At the base, the Oasis has five “pods” inside which people are secluded from the noisy and polluted city surroundings, enjoying cleaner cooled air and relaxing sounds. There are also five further areas facilitating social rendezvouses and venues for entertainment.

The Oasis is “smart” in that it interacts with the environment around it. It senses time, the weather and people and responds accordingly. At night, it uses energy stored during the day to power a beacon in the form of a light show which responds to the movement of people around.

We provided colour changing LED spot & flood lights as well as the fibre optics at the core.

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