New College Chapel

New College Chapel, Oxford University


New College is one of the constituent colleges at the University Of Oxford. Its choir is regarded as one of the leading choirs of the world and its chapel is renowned for its magnificent interior. All of the pew and stairway lighting throughout the chapel was originally lit with tungsten halogen fibre optic projectors. We were approached by New College as a number of the original projectors had failed and they were looking for an alternative light source with lower maintenance costs and a higher light output. As radio and television programmes, such as BBC3's Choral Evening Song, are frequently recorded in the chapel, a major concern we were faced with was noise levels.

How we met the brief... 

It was clear that this was perfect opportunity to upgrade the existing projectors to Crescent's latest 70W LED version which would heavily reduce maintenance and running costs while at the same time increasing output. As the original projectors were fitted with a standard 30mm fibre port, installation was straightforward, simply swapping the fibre from the old ports and fixing them into our CRE070 port. We supplied two different colour temperatures within the chapel - 3000K and 4000K - which provide warm temperature lighting for reading on the pews and a cooler temperature on the stairs for increased visibility.

All of our LED projectors use MagLev cooling technologies which are undetectable to even the highest quality recording equipment so the noise concerns were not a problem.


The Chapel committee were very pleased with the final outcome. The higher light levels have improved the reading and pew lighting significantly. Re-lamping the projectors will not be necessary with the upgrade to LEDs with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, reducing maintenance costs.

Overall a great project to demonstrate the advantages of our LED fibre optic projectors!


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