Parliament View

Parliament View Apartments, Lambeth, London

A 5000 square feet penthouse in central London, with magnificent open views of the Thames and the Houses of Parliament, has been transformed following the recent completion of a total redesign and refurbishment project by Residence Interior Design.

Requiring unique and impressive lighting to compliment the spacious and modern design Stephen Dick (of Residence Interior Design) turned to Crescent who specified and supplied their custom design ‘Laluna’ fibre optic chandeliers, together with the pre-requisite fibre optic lighting projector. The CRE6220 projector, one of Crescent’s high output tungsten halogen models, was discreetly installed metres away.  This projector has an excellent lamp life (8000 hours) and can be simply dimmed within a range of 7VAC – 250VAC with no loss to ventilation performance and is suitable for fibre optic projects where a high output with easy control of light output is required. For added visual impact the colour wheel supplied also provides the option of variable colour illumination, specified and controlled by the owner, as well as on/off single colour operation.

“I had admired Crescent’s fibre optic lighting designs at various exhibitions in the past so knew who to call on when this opportunity arose,” added Stephen.  “As this was the first time I had work with fibre optics I was very reassured to have Crescent’s expertise on hand every step of the way.”

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